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 Branson Homes DO Sell in Winter

Myths and fables are great for entertainment but not so much for living life in the real world, so let's play a little game of "Myth Busters in Real Estate"!

Myth #1... Everyone knows that Branson homes Don't Sell In Winter, so why list                              now?          
Fact #1     20% of all homes sales in the last year in the Branson /Tri-Lakes area                                    happened in the Winter! 
                              Sales by Season
Winter      20%
                              Spring      24%
                              Summer   30%
                              Fall           26%

Myth #2... With all the "holiday shopping" people are doing, no one wants to shop for                    a home, too.
Fact #2... People are in the "shopping mindset" and people who shop in Winter are                       usually buyers not lookers.

Myth #3... It's the end of the year! No one has money to buy now!
Fact  #3... On the contrary... End of the year is perfect for Investors looking for tax                            benefits and many have planned to buy at year end before tax refunds!

3 down and more myths to go... check out the top 11 Reasons You Should List During the Holidays. You'll be so glad you did!